Welcome to Telesangha

Telesangha is a daily meditation and mindfulness program that helps members establish a consistent daily practice by leveraging peer support and technology.

Imagine a world where more people meditate daily? The mission of Telesangha is to help make that happen and we’re off to a great start. Check out this snazzy video to learn more.

Here are some facts – over 95% of participants would recommend the program to a friend. Those who sign up on average are meditating over 85% of the days they commit to.

“Through the power of community and technology Telesangha provides a simple and fun way to help people develop a consistent daily meditation practice. It has the potential to connect people around the world on a path of awakening awareness!” – Tara Brach Founder IMWC, Renown Meditation Teacher and Author

What is Telesangha? The idea is simple. Using peer power, technology, and a little structure we can overcome will power. If you sign up for the 6:30am program on a daily basis (Monday – Friday) at 6:30am promptly your phone will ring. You just answer your phone when it rings, press one, and you are instantly connected to the “tele” meditation hall. In the meditation hall you’ll be joined with around 5 – 12 fellow meditators and your session host. After a 20 minutes silent meditation we do a quick check in where we get to hear from one another. A shared progress board will be updated with your participation and we will be done before 7am. (all sessions are 30 minutes max)

“What an ingeniously simple way to get social support to meditate more frequently! Heartily recommend to anyone looking to improve the consistency and community around their meditation efforts.” -Vikram S.

All you need is a phone, the intention to develop your meditation practice, and a tiny bit of will power to answer your phone when it rings. You must have at least three months meditation experience, commit to a one month period and agree to the rules of the program (participation, respecting the group and communication).

“Telesangha has been instrumental to my development of a daily meditation practice, when compared to my handful of failed attempts in the past. The group support is invaluable. I would recommend Telesangha to anyone who inspires to a daily practice – it really works!” – Dona C.

But wait there’s more! Just kidding thats all. It works for many people and you should try it. The groups are being limited in size to keep it intimate and available slots filled up pretty quick. No one is denied access due to financial means, the program is 100% dana based. The suggested donation is $49 per monthly session, which comes out to less than $2.50 per session. Your generosity helps support the platform and organizational cost. If the suggested donation is difficult for you we just ask that you provide us a description of your circumstance.

The available time slots are updated to the right, please note the times are in eastern standard time (EST). The program runs daily Monday – Friday with federal holidays off.

“This is a great way to develop a routine and discipline for your meditation practice. If you want a new habit to stick, you need support to do it – and Telesangha provides that community and that support. ” – Aquene F.

Interested? If you have at least three months of meditation experience, know how to meditate on your own (this is silent meditation) and would like to register click here to goto the registration page. Spots fill up quickly so don’t delay. Look forward to sitting with you!

“This is the first time I’ve effectively/consistently meditated, kept my promise to myself about this area of my life, and had FUN doing so.” – Jacqui C.